Satellite Dishes

Satellite Dishes and Antennas. Satellite dishes, TV antennas, and
satellite internet reception devices may not exceed one (1) meter
across at the widest point without prior approval from the Architecture
Review Committee. All such devices must be located in the least
conspicuous location from the viewpoint of the neighboring lots that
allows for adequate signal reception. All satellite dishes much be
painted a color approved by the Architecture Review Committee.
Owners must apply to the Architecture Review Committee for
approval of the paint color on or before the 10th (tenth) day after
installation of the dish. Radio towers and HAM radio antennas are

This is already in the rules but has never been enforced. The ARC is supposed to approve the location of “Dishes”. (Anything that changes the appearance of the exterior of your home must be approved by the ARC)

Will you make people move the dishes from their frontages that weren’t approved? Painting the front facing surfaces of a satellite dish or terrestrial dish is not recommended.

BTW, Yellowknife Dishes are not Satellite Dishes!

Did we move to the Metric System? See research from the internet on satellite dish sizes. No mention of one meter anywhere! How about 3 feet? This is Biff and Muffy wanting people to think they know what their talking about!

The most common dish ranges in size from 18 to 20 inches and the design prevents snow and ice accumulation on the surface of the dish. Do not use external devices, like covers, or sprays to protect the dish.

Modern dishes intended for home television use are generally 18 in to 31 in in diameter, and are fixed in one position, for Ku-band reception from one orbital position

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Spontaneous Rule Adoption – Vote No!

The Association Board of Directors may make adopt rules and
regulations of general applicability governing use of the common
areas. The Board of Directors may also adopt rules and regulations
governing use of the individual lots to the extent to which any of the
foregoing may be permitted, such rules and regulations are intended to
implement, interpret, and enforce the use restrictions contained in this
Declaration, or intended to prevent nuisances. Any rule adopted by the
Board of Directors pursuant to this Section may be repealed by a
petition, signed by owners representing at least unless 50 percent of
the lots, owners disagree in writing submitted to the Secretary within
ten (10) thirty (30) days of receiving notice of the proposed adopted

Government overreach. We have enough rules for the use of our properties and the common area we pay to maintain. Each rule should be approved by the membership individually based on its own merit!

Vote No


No signs shall be placed or kept on a lot other than 1) a single
address sign and a single for sale sign not to exceed 300 square inches
in size 10″ x 24″ of a natural wood material with black lettering stating
the name of the occupant and/or the lot, if any, and the address. Only
signs provided by the Association shall be used to advertise a unit for
sale., or 2) a single, temporary sign promoting a specific event, which
may be placed no more than 24 hours prior to, and must be removed
no more than 24 hours after, the event to which the sign pertains.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, placement of any signs on the Lots
shall be subject to additional rules and regulations adopted by the
Board of Directors.

No sign shall be affixed to a street sign or a tree. They must be freestanding. What about the Steve James Base Camp Billboard?

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Special Assessments for Capital Improvements.- Vote No!

Special Assessments for Capital Improvements. In addition to the
annual assessments authorized above, the Association may levy in any
assessment year, a special assessment applicable to that year only, for
the purpose of defraying in whole or in part the cost of any
construction or reconstruction, unexpected repair or replacement of a
described capital improvement upon the Common Area, including the
necessary fixtures and personal property related thereto, provided
that, except for repairs or replacements, any such assessment for
structural alterations, capital additions, or capital improvements
reflecting an expenditure a common expense of in excess of $500
$20,000 annually shall require the assent of an absolute majority of the
votes of all members who are voting in person or by proxy at a meeting
duly called for this purpose, written notice of which shall be sent to all
members not less than thirty (30) days nor more than sixty (60) days in
advance of the meeting setting forth the purpose of the meeting.
Developer shall be entitled to one (1) vote only, without respect to the
number of lots owned, when voting in favor of a special assessment.

$20,000 annually? No way in hell! Maybe a one time expense of $20k, but not annually!

Vote No!

Fiscal Responsibility

The Board of Directors will prepare or cause to be prepared an annual
financial statement consisting of a balance sheet and income and
expense statement setting forth the financial condition of the
Association as of the end of each year. The report will be prepared
according to generally accepted accounting principles and will be
distributed to all owners within 90 days after the end of each fiscal
year. At any time and at his or her own expense, any owner or
Mortgagee may cause an audit or inspection to be made of the books
and records of the Association.

Back to basics! How about monthly statements available online? How about a Comprehensive Reserve Study with an Annual Maintenance Plan? How about an estimate for what the assessment will be for when it comes time to replace our roads? I asked for an audit using an attorney, justifying my need. Good Luck!

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Rule and Fine Appeals

The Board of Directors may, after giving written notice and an
opportunity to request a hearing before the Board, levy reasonable
fines for violations of the Declaration, Bylaws, and Rules and
Regulations of the Association, as long as the fines levied are based on
a schedule of fines previously adopted by Board resolution that is
mailed to the mailing address of each Lot or mailed to the mailing
address designated in writing by the Owner(s). If a Member requests a
hearing, the Board shall schedule the hearing within a reasonable time.
The Board of Directors may adopt reasonable rules and regulations
setting forth the procedures for hearings under this section.

A good rule with a stacked deck since the Board continues to show bias toward members they don’t like. Just ask the Donzellis or come talk to me. Any meeting to resolve disputes on rule violations must include d a 3rd party, unaffiliated with the Board or the member who has illegibly broken a rule.

Vote No as Written

Removal of Directors

Resignation or Removal of Directors. A Director of the Association may
resign as a Director by delivering written notice of the resignation to
the President of the Board or the Secretary. Directors may be removed
by a majority vote of all members, however, unless the entire Board is
removed, an individual Director shall not be removed if the number of
votes against the resolution for his removal exceeds the quotient
arrived at when the total number of entitled votes is divided by the
authorized number of Directors plus one (1)
. At a meeting of the
Members at which a quorum is present, the Members may remove a Director from the Board of Directors, with or without cause, by a
majority vote of all Members, provided that:
(A) Before a vote to remove a Director, Members must give the
Director whose removal has been proposed an opportunity to be
heard at the meeting;
(B) The Members must vote on the removal of each Director whose
removal is proposed as a separate question; and
(C) Removal of a Director by Members is effective only if the
matter of removal was an item on the agenda and was stated in the
notice of the meeting.

If the majority of the membership (This means the total membership, not just who shows up at a meeting) or a Board member issues a no confidence vote, that’s it. There is no appeal. Run again next year if you think you have a case. We don’t have time for appeal processes. Majority Rules. If you are removing the member without cause there should be no appeal process.

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