The Rhodes Story

Before the Rhodes purchased the lot to the west of me I was taking care of fallen trees and bitter brush. Right after the Rhodes purchased their property I told them if there was anything they needed don’t hesitate to ask. Including both tools and knowledge.

I informed them that the back of their property is where the Mule Deer hunker down due to the cover. I also said, let’s do our side yards so that they compliment one another.

A few months later the property is scalped with no cover remaining for the Mulies. As the contractor prepares the site for foundations there are no provisions made for keeping the dust down.

As the windows go in, I ask Kevin, what color will you be painting your house? Kevin replied, a cream color, matching my window frames. Nope, same exact color as my home to a Tee!

When I moved here in 2006, buying my property from Dave & Mary Newkirk, I knew that the exterior paint color was more akin to a tract house in town. I wanted something that blended in, not something that stood out like a neon sign. I spent days driving around to some of the nicer developments in Deschutes County to find the perfect paint scheme. Well low and behold, I found the perfect color just across the river. Mr Putney was kind enough to provide the paint codes and $4k later I had just what I wanted! Many people complemented me on my choice, just to have Kevin paint his house the same color. When challenging the Brain Trust, Biff indicated that there is no rule against your neighbor painting their house the same color as yours. There is a basic assumption that intelligent people would check the adjacent properties before approving a house color, since this isn’t a condominium complex.

At this point our relationship has deteriorated to the point where I now see evenly spaced stakes on my property line, indicating a fence is about to go up. Attorney helps me with a letter saying, you better not!

While having company from out of town, ding dong, pound pound pound! Yes? We want to talk to you about your letter! Not right now, I have company. They have their 10 year old son in tow? Really? I left it at, don’t build the fence! They claimed that they weren’t planning on building a fence. Shitty neighbors and liars to boot.

And now he parks his truck on my frontage property line in the setback where he cultivates cheat grass, while leaving 5 lights on all night long? What a great addition to the neighborhood!

Poster Child for Energy Conservation
Getting a jump on garbage day, 3 days in advance. Maybe no one cares? Why live in an HOA with that FU attitude.
Great Front Yard says Fred & Elizabeth Sanford! Aka the Clampits!

The only house in the neighborhood where the lights come on a 4 PM and stay on all night.
And add one more light! Yep, six lights should be keeping away that boogeyman!

Rentals In Wild River

All owners properties will be kept in “park like condition, free of weeds, trash and fire hazards. All homes must have the required defensible space as outlined in the National Firewise Pamphlet

Failure to comply will result in the association taking action to bring the owners property into compliance and billing the property owner for all actual costs plus a 25% administration fee. The Administration fee will be entered in to the general fund, not Lori’s personal FU Neighbor Fund.

The Koerners will tell anyone left who will listen that this “Fine” home was owned by a Mafia Hit Man out of Chicago. His beautiful wife, “the sponge” can’t do anything with it because it’s part of a trust! Whose trust? Disgusting!