Local Sites/Sights

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Being cold and hungry after a night of suspended animation, they have decided to share!
Milky Way from Crater Lake
Sunset from Paulina Peak at 8,000 feet!
Shooting Star over Crater Lake
Minus 40°! The water turns green when freezing from below when the rocks act like heat sinks.
Blood Moon
Enhanced to B&W
OK you Polar Bears who take a dips in icy lake waters
Gay Feather. That’s right, it wasn’t my choice! Pretty however.
Wild Flowers on the road to Crater Lake
They are now mostly gone due to new construction and the scent of many canis familiarius
It sure is a bitch getting around with all these damn fences these days! I thought they had a rule against fences?
Take a walk amongst all of the new signs! It’s a nature trail for residents. You tell them the rules and forget the unsightly signage! Morons!
Pringle Rapids, class IV
OK you professional kayakers, Git Sum!
Unfortunately, nothing fresh. Between all the dogs and hobos they have chased out many species of river life.