WROA Maintenance Items in Priority

1 Remove boulders blocking north emergency exit on the west side of the river.

2. Forest – With decreasing rainfall, we must begin taking measures to thin our 40 acres of forest to deal with this weather phenomenon. This includes the removal of vegetation along our roadsides which is also preventing snowplows from maintaining maximum road width during the winter months.

3. Roadways – We need to take monies from our Road Fund to take care of shoulder gravel replacement and repairs to the severe bumps and dips in our roadway. Once the necessary repairs have been completed we then need to reassess our entire roadway so we can better understand the “how much and when?“ We need to survey our members on how much they would be willing to spend on an assessment. The last was $600 in 2006 for a $300,000 repave.

4. Fire Hydrants -Inspect, flush and certify our fire hydrants annually.

5. Perimeter Fence – Our perimeter fence is 10 years past its expiration date. Start at those various Nat’l Forest access points.

6. Mail Stations – What a cluster! For less than $200 per key, we can start over. An Assessment since we are broke!

7. Mail Station Lighting – Install different Kelvin rated lights set on motion detectors.

8. Invasive Weeds – Identify and eradication in the spring, before going to seed.

9. Log Jam -Remove log jam preventing full flow to our rivulets.

10. Road Markers – Remove road markers preventing the snowplows from maintaining the full road width during the winter months.

11. Pump Houses – Conduct a full assessment of the condition of our pumphouse buildings by gaining access through Avion.

12. Reroof pump houses – Replace 50 year old asphalt shingles with corrugated steel, similar to mail stations.

13. Signage – Remove all unnecessary signage beginning with the two large and obnoxious “Dog Park Rules” billboards in the pristine river delta habitat! This is a private development, not a public park. In the past the membership would drive any changes or additions to our signage. When WROA went with Becky’s sign recommendations in 2008, we reused the metal blanks rather than buying new ones. Some people do not have any regard for how other people’s monies are spent.

14. Road Cinder – Removal of the cinder on both sides of Burgess, before and after the bridge. The County won’t remove the excess cinder and the buildup will hamper snow removal and water drainage from the bridge, creating an ice skating rink during certain weather conditions.

Fix Our Budget!

Ray can’t even manage a simple budget and he condones bad behavior by our Secretary and Ethics Advisor, Olive Oil.

We should have 4 separate buckets for our expenditures:

  • The Operating Fund
  • The General Reserve Fund for the unexpected, e.g. border fencing replacement, mailboxes refresh, etc.
  • The Road Fund @ $30k a year.
  • Forest maintenance @ $10k a year.

We burned through our General Reserve Fund and now we will be burning through our Road Fund like if it was a General Reserve Account. Ray has not put together a balanced budget or properly maintained our Common Area since joining the WROA Board of Directors! As the ARC Chair he is approving construction that has the potential of burning down our development!

Ray’s 2023 – 2024 Budget Proposal

Once again Ray is proposing spending $17k more than what we are taking in! That money is taken from the “Road Fund”, meaning we will be only adding $13k to our reserve!


Before the Ray

Here is the way we used to put together our budget forecast. It’s simple while providing a great history of expenditures.


A Better Layout with Similar Results

Here is a proposed outline for our 2023 – 2024 Budgeting Forecast, based on Ray’s desire to spend WROA Money!

Once again, Ray is proposing that we spend $15k more than we are planning on taking in?

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The Rhodes Story

Before the Rhodes purchased the lot to the west of me I was taking care of fallen trees and bitter brush. Right after the Rhodes purchased their property I told them if there was anything they needed don’t hesitate to ask. Including both tools and knowledge.

I informed them that the back of their property is where the Mule Deer hunker down due to the cover. I also said, let’s do our side yards so that they compliment one another.

A few months later the property is scalped with no cover remaining for the Mulies. As the contractor prepares the site for foundations there are no provisions made for keeping the dust down.

As the windows go in, I ask Kevin, what color will you be painting your house? Kevin replied, a cream color, matching my window frames. Nope, same exact color as my home to a Tee!

When I moved here in 2006, buying my property from Dave & Mary Newkirk, I knew that the exterior paint color was more akin to a tract house in town. I wanted something that blended in, not something that stood out like a neon sign. I spent days driving around to some of the nicer developments in Deschutes County to find the perfect paint scheme. Well low and behold, I found the perfect color just across the river. Mr Putney was kind enough to provide the paint codes and $4k later I had just what I wanted! Many people complemented me on my choice, just to have Kevin paint his house the same color. When challenging the Brain Trust, Biff indicated that there is no rule against your neighbor painting their house the same color as yours. There is a basic assumption that intelligent people would check the adjacent properties before approving a house color, since this isn’t a condominium complex.

At this point our relationship has deteriorated to the point where I now see evenly spaced stakes on my property line, indicating a fence is about to go up. Attorney helps me with a letter saying, you better not!

While having company from out of town, ding dong, pound pound pound! Yes? We want to talk to you about your letter! Not right now, I have company. They have their 10 year old son in tow? Really? I left it at, don’t build the fence! They claimed that they weren’t planning on building a fence. Shitty neighbors and liars to boot.

And now he parks his truck on my frontage property line in the setback where he cultivates cheat grass, while leaving 5 lights on all night long? What a great addition to the neighborhood!

Poster Child for Energy Conservation
Getting a jump on garbage day, 3 days in advance. Maybe no one cares? Why live in an HOA with that FU attitude.
Great Front Yard says Fred & Elizabeth Sanford! Aka the Clampits!

The only house in the neighborhood where the lights come on a 4 PM and stay on all night.
And add one more light! Yep, six lights should be keeping away that boogeyman!