Pringle Falls Loop Bridge

On August 15th, I met with Chris Doty, The Head Man, for Deschutes County Road Maintenance. It had been indicated earlier that the WROA Board had no interest in what was going on with our bridge. Chris and I discussed a wide range of topics:

Bridge Replacement

Bridge replacement is 4 to 8 years out based on it’s current rating for failure. Our Bridge has been rated as a “51” out of 100. The rating was provided by the State of Oregon after an inspection, several years ago. The County will be conducting its own assessment within the next year and if the bridge falls below 50, the schedule for the bridge replacement will be advanced. Chris assured me that when the bridge is being replaced we would maintain our ability to travel west on Burgess along with first responders ability to access the development on the west side of the Big Deschutes. The current scope of work is for the “bridge to be replaced only” and there are no plans for widening or modifying the turns leading to or from the bridge. Great news for those owners directly downstream!

Bridge Maintenance

Chris had included a specialized street sweeper to his capital budget request for 2023, but it didn’t pass muster as we are the only need. Until he receives approval we’ll be the ones cleaning our bridge, if we want it done at all. Before winter I will be removing the years of cinder buildup to help with both snow & ice removal, beginning all too soon.

Filtration Swale for Water Runoff

Chris would like to partner with us on the bridge water runoff, using a small bit of our common area for a biofiltration swale. There again, 4 to 8 years out.

Pringle Falls Signage

For years our residents have been complaining about the large brown sign stating “Pringle Falls” – “Deschutes River” right before our bridge. Chris will be providing me with the contact number so we can discuss removing the “Pringle Falls” portion of the sign since no one other than residents of WROA can access unless it is winter,

Deer/Elk Carrion Removal

The number for deer and elk carrion removal is (541) 388 – 6581 or email [email protected]

Single Point of Contact

Chris agreed that it would be best to have a single point of contact for road issues affecting WROA residents.