WROA Board & ARC Contact Information

Board of Directors

President Ray Judas

[email protected] (239) 218 – 7676

He can’t even handle his own email!

Vice President – Phil Alves

[email protected] 650-288-7916

Director – Mike Egan

contact info unknown – still

Architectural Review Committee

ARC Chair – Ray Judas

[email protected] (239) 218 – 7676

Ray violated OSHA standards for placement of a volatile gas cylinder for a new home along Wild River Way. The recommendation is 25′ and Ray allowed the neighbor to place the large propane cylinder right against the side of their home.

Treasurer Neal Schilling – no contact info – still

Secretary and Ethics Director – Olive Oil

Do not trust her with your real estate needs, she’ll screw you over for every last cent along with her flim flam man husband who screwed us out of thousands of dollars in HOA revenue. Now they are hiding all of the past budget data. I’ve got all of the history and it’s Disgraceful!

So who do you contact when needing assistance? On Call or the Secretary? Confusing for sure!

[email protected]

  • (541) 536-0254, (541) 610-5242,

53556 Kokanee Way La Pine, OR 97739