Great Neighbors Page

Now this guy’s place looks like the Red Light District! Not to mention the faded American Flag.

These people have cleaned up their place, now that it’s for sale. I was able to talk with some perspective buyers and informed them that we haven’t conducted a reserve study!

Please share photos of what you think are unacceptable behaviors in our small community

1.) Our Secretary takes Money from realtors for providing information, such as dues, etc on WROA Neighbors. This is a standard practice for realtors.

2.) The secretary & treasurer positions used to be held by two different members of our small community. I believe it was Peggy or her successor that began taking a small stipend. It’s grown from there with our secretary outsourcing most of her duties out to a service!

3.) If that wasn’t enough money for her, she has her own realty company called… wait for it… WILD RIVER REAL ESTATE!
Through insider trading, she now owns 7 WROA lots! Or 7 Votes! Great!

4.) Social Security & Medicare

5.) Flim Flam Man Income.

California Conservatives do not represent true American Values! Hypocrites!

Enjoy your day!

These are your WROA ambassadors and welcoming committee. Previous Board and ARC members during the time when the Donzellis were fighting to protect their rights as outlined clearly in our covenants. Nothing like using Board positions to run up $17k in WROA legal fees against the Donzellis who spent $50k. They won their case but were never provided restitution as outlined within our WROA dox

This is one of the nicer views I was stuck with for too many years! After I wrote a letter of complaint, it was quickly forwarded to the Gravens. This is not how the majority of the HOAs operate, they don’t forward complaints to the people abusing the rules in an effort to silence the people who have legitimate complaints. I was friends with Sue and Greg until they gave me the big FU with all of their crap! People can be very inconsiderate and we have already talked about the Ulrey’s and their big FU white bus!

It’s always nice when you can approve your own bad behavior while setting a shining example as the ARC Chair? Best new definition for the acronym ARC. Dinner at Zydeco!

Above are two pictures of how Bob Dixon, WROA Board Member, was able to violate our rules by building an 8′ tall fence and shed right on Ken Stittsworth’s property line! The board and ARC had to get approval from the county in a hearing to build the cook shack. It was current and passed WROA Board and ARC on the right side and me on the left side. The county only approved the cook shack, not the shed and 8′ tall fence. When I challenged Kermit about the non-compliant fence and shed, he said that the county had approved both! Dixon also had his contractors driving across the sensitive river front common area! That whole north property line of Dixon’s is a disgrace for a precious River Lot! Our secretary claims that Bob is just another grifter living off his girlfriend’s inheritance. Thanks Steve James for allowing your friend to violate our Scenic River rules!

The Board and ARC interpret the specific activities detailed in this section of the CC & R’s to include the construction of FENCES, except for privacy screening, fencing in general is discouraged. The ARC will judge each fence on an individual basis. Only fences which do not violate a feeling of open space in the development will be allowed. The ARC will take into consideration such factors as location, exposure to public view, and natural screening in the immediate vicinity. Most fencing must be faced with materials, finish and color which are compatible with the principal structures on the site. Solid fences (those which cannot be seen through) which outline a property’s boundaries are prohibited. However, solid wood fences connected to the principal structure on site and enclosing no more than 600 square feet will be allowed. Barbed wire fences are prohibited. Chain link fences for any purpose, including a dog run, are prohibited. (Effective January 1, 2015)

Base Camp for what? Rule Breakers? See picture above of the black trailer he parks on someone else’s property. This guy approved whatever anyone asked for.
See below what the original CC&Rs stated about signage. But the ARC can approve their own crap!
Signs. No signs shall be placed or kept on a lot other than a sign 10” x 24” of a natural wood material with black lettering stating the name of the occupant and /or the lot, if any, and the address. Only signs provided by the Association shall be used to advertise a unit for sale.
Did our Ace ARC Mr. Know it All El Segundo approve these portable sheds, like 2 of them? Crappy view for a river lot!
Hey Somebody! It is time for a coat of stain or better yet some long life paint! Red Sonja, time for a letter!
 Canis familiaris feces. Not Coyote! If you wouldn’t leave dog shit in “Your” yard, please don’t leave it in “Our” yard!
Maybe just a few more signs will help? One is plenty and any more is unsightly!