Don’t Buy Here, especially from Lori Koerner

It was pure luck that I had an opportunity to speak with a prospective buyer of the house next door, yes, the one painted the same color as mine.

Turns out that our secretary isn’t disclosing what she knows about our neighborhood, to potential buyers. According to the Oregon Realtors Association that’s an ethics violation. One of many. That is why our website is barron since the update and many of the association’s documents have mysteriously been deleted. That’s why we haven’t conducted a reserve study and the road replacement estimate has gone missing. See below

My Favorite

Article 2 – REALTORS┬« shall avoid exaggeration, misrepresentation, or concealment of pertinent facts relating to the property or the transaction. REALTORS┬« shall not, however, be obligated to discover latent defects in the property, to advise on matters outside the scope of their real estate license, or to disclose facts which are confidential under the scope of agency or non-agency relationships as defined by state law.

Have time for a survey?

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The hits are certainly up today on “my” website. No one is forcing you to read my rants.

Yes, it’s a hybrid fairy tale where one town had its fill of Snowflakes!

Why are so many houses for sale? My guess is people see the amount of ignored maintenance, a budget that hasn’t balanced in 10 years, the board using their position to attack their neighbors, unequal application of the rules to hit the top few.

This map doesn’t include 5 additional listings which are removed during the slow winter months. Some think they can actually get seven figures!

I have to laugh when the slobs next door put their house on the market they actually cleaned up their mess. One potential buyer who drove by said, “nice house, terrible street view and an exact color as your house. How come?” Too smart for this neighborhood! Do they really think they can get $1.1m?

The board won’t authorize a reserve study since they know the outcome will not bode favorably on their managerial skills.


It’s the law

Oregon Law

It’s the law we ignore for being old!

We used to have a rainy day fund for unforseen expenditures. That’s gone because of Lori Koerner and last budget cycle we almost had to borrow from the road fund to cover basic expenses!

See ignored maintenance items in the following post.

Not what I thought I was buying into 18 years ago.

Our secretary owns her own real estate company specializing in Wild River Properties buying up properties before they hit the MLS. She now owns seven properties which equates to seven votes.

And the ambivalent who moved here to be left alone continue to allow bad behavior.

When Lambs become Lions