Living by our well thought out CC&Rs

1.)  Make sure you get all of the governing dox from the Association, since no one on the board sends updates to Deschutes County. Sorry Man, I didn’t know either. After moving in, Ms. Butler of the “Welcoming Committee” hands me the “White Book” with a gazillion addendum to the original 1973 Covenants. Talk about misrepresentation of WROA on a very expensive level.

2.) Read those documents, 10 ten times highlighting the good the bad and the ugly!

3.) Ask yourself, can we live with that?

4.) Now that you know what the rules are, it’s time to drive the neighborhood and talk with a neighbor about what they think. Is everyone towing the line or are there RVs, trailers, sheds everywhere?

5.) Now that you have purchased in WROA and know the rules, don’t think you are better than everyone else by asking for an exception. Ask about the many exceptions they granted to Bob Dixon, just because he was on the Board. An 8′ tall fence on his neighbor’s property line and the ugliest shed I have ever seen right on the property line of a river lot. When I challenged the now deceased Kermit, he said the county approved the deviation to our basic rules. Good Riddance! Karma’s a bitch!

6.) As a mini democracy, we can change the rules that we don’t like. I heard people bitch about Exterior Lighting for months. It took me five years to get a Lighting ordnance through to adoption. Meeting with Neighbors, ARC and having many meetings with the board and all of the members who cared to attend.

I told Tom Weller who had the four aircraft landing lights at the end of his driveway that I didn’t care if his lights were on as long as no one else had to see them. What is it with electrical engineers, getting rid of one just to have another build to the west of me. Never cast shadows on the common area or your neighbors’ property. Please remember, when you break the basic common sense “rules”, you are saying, “Screw You!” to Your Neighbors.

We finally went for a vote of the entire community and the majority said leave the lights in the city! Good Answer!

It was already in the rules. Pretty inconsiderate, like the Ulreys and the Beaver Boones with their gigantic white refrigerator! None of them have to look at it, only their neighbors!

7. Getting rules passed is easy for the board. We have a provision where the Board can toss out a new rule while giving members only 10 days to respond if they disapprove. The Board sends out via email and then demands that the owners send in their disagreement via registered mail. In addition, the Board can wait for the annual membership meeting, adjourning and then reconvening until they have a quorum of 10. Remember, between the board and the ARC they already have 20 votes.

“When serving on the Board or ARC your voting privileges will be reduced to a maximum of one vote per volunteer.” No stacking the deck against the majority!