Mediation vs Litigation

This rule exists but is rarely enforced on Mediation vs Litigation due to lack of experience levels on the Board or ARC. None of the current Board or ARC have any background in property management or people skills. See the Donzellis vs WROA results at the county court house. They won but had to pay $50k in attorney fees, with an appeal lingering over their heads if they asked for restitution, which should be granted to the winner, per our dox. Not to mention the harassments they received from both the Board and ARC alone with the FOBs (Friends of the Board) They came here to get away from the city dweller’s mentality. Growing up on a farm in Southeast King County Washington, if you treated you neighbors like the Donzellis have been treated there would be consequences immediately and harshly. What happened to the good olĂ© days when neighbors looked after one another. Always put yourself in the other person’s shoes.